Articles of Interest

The following articles from reputable sources provide information on mental health issues and, especially hypnotherapy, likely to be of interest to the general public, those considering therapy or are in therapy.

Readings in Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a Safe Treatment for Children
Clinical Psychiatry News (April 2012). Hypnosis is a safe treatment for children, 40(4) pp. 10-11.
Article - Hypnosis is a safe treatment f[...]
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Hypnosis-Facilitated Relaxation Using Self-Guided Imagery During Dermatologic Procedures
Shenefelt, P. (January, 2011). Hypnosis-facilitated self-guided imagery, American Journal off Clinical Hypnosis, pp. 225-232.
Hypnosis-facilitated relaxation using se[...]
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Hypnosis, Hypnotizability and Treatment
Sutcher, H. (July, 2008). Hypnosis, hypnotizability and treatment, American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, pp. 57-67.
Article (Sutcher, 2008) Hypnosis, Hypnot[...]
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When the Unsinkable Happens
Mell, R. (August 5, 2007). When the unsinkable happens. South Florida Sun-Sentinel,
Article (South Florida Sun-Sentinel) Whe[...]
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Young Athletes Try New Coach - The Psychologist
Pennington, B. (August 5, 2007). Young athletes try a new coach - the psychologist. The New York Times,
Articles (New York Times) Young Athletes[...]
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The Science of Meditation and the State of Hypnosis
Holroyd, J. (October, 2003). The science of meditation and the state of hypnosis, American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, pp. 109-128.
Article (Holroyd, 2003) Science of Medit[...]
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The Truth and Hype of Hypnosis
Nash, M. R. (July, 2001). The truth and hype of hypnosis, Scientific American, pp. 47-55.
Article (Nash, 2001) The Truth and Hype [...]
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Community Resources

Support groups for specific problems have proven to be an effective complement to individual and couple therapy.  The links below will connect you to additional support groups and resources to help with various issues and concerns you may have.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous