Michael S. Rhodes

I specialize in helping clients improve communication and relationships (within themselves and others). I help clients with a range of mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, fears and phobias, insomnia, OCD, grief/bereavement and mood disorders--as well developing skills to enhance relationships and positive behaviors to help you accomplish more of what you want to achieve.


If you are also consulting a physician or psychiatrist for medication to help manage your condition, counseling and psychotherapy can be a significant complement to any benefits of medication. A psychotherapist can serve as your advocate and be helpful in addressing the psychological elements of any physical illness.

My first priority is to help you achieve your goals. I want to help you discover and create ways to respond to life's challenging situations more effectively. I provide individual, couples, family counseling, and hypnotherapy.

For additional treatment services not mentioned here, please feel free to contact me.

Individual Therapy

Therapy sessions are generally 50-minutes unless other arrangements are made at the time the appointment is scheduled. Meeting one-on-one provides an opportunity to sort out the issues and practice the skills important to improving relationships and communication with others in your life.

Relationship and Marriage Counseling

I offer couples and families the opportuntity to manage and resolve problems differently in a variety of ways.  I offer the benefit of my education and years of experience with thousands of clients to help you create your own ways to achieve what you want to accomplish.